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Touchcards (EU)

Touchcards (EU)

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Touchcards is a poetic card game for two or more players. 67 poetic, playful prompts invite you to explore new ways to express yourself with touch. Play with lovers, friends, or family, as innocently or intimately as you like.

2+ players, 10-100 minutes, 67 new ways to touch.

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Here's what our playtesters had to say:

“This game could have saved my marriage.”

“This won’t get boring, even if you play it over and over again.”

“Usually I hate when it’s my turn to give a massage, but this time I really enjoyed giving.”

Customer Reviews

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Jonny W.
Powerful, moving, playful, delightful

I love this deck. This deck has given me numerous, powerful experiences of play, love, care, sadness, and everything in between -- and I'm just getting started with it. I highly recommend this deck to any and all who connect meaningfully with others through touch.

I have played with friends and lovers and have never encountered anything so powerful in such a small box. Worth every penny. Buy it. Just buy it. Buy it.

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Oliver Klingefjord
Very sweet game

Played several times with my partner, and it's always allows me to discover something new!

Bruna Milanez
An amazing game to (re)connect with your partner

I've got this to give to my secret santa / partner :) Every time we play is fun and intimate at the same time. Also great way to explore boundaries and bring some playfulness to the relationship. Love it!

Welf von Hören

Touchcards (EU)

Bärbel Jenner

Die Touchcards sind so WUNDER-voll!! Ein Endorphinbooster gegen den Winterblues!
Wie leicht und spielerisch es sein kann sich zu berühren!
Große Bereicherung!!